Welcome to Garden Life

We are a small charity based on Buchanan Road in Currock, Carlisle. We work with many different types of disadvantaged people of all ages who want to either have a go at gardening for something to do, to increase skill sets, for fitness, for mental health reasons, rehabilitation or just for fun! 

We work mainly with young people from the Young Offenders Service and a local specialist school.

Grow Better Together

Over the course of the year we do a variety of season projects. From small construction works using recycled and up-cycled materials, to straightforward gardening, garden maintenance and  the growing of fresh organic produce which we donate in large part to needy causes like the food bank and local schools.

Spring - Is a time for breaking ground, propagating, germinating and planning

Summer - This is growing season, during this time we keep on top of the grass, shrubs and the site as a whole whilst growing various indoor and outdoor crops

Autumn - Harvest time. We also clear the earth of the plants we sowed during Spring-Summer and weed the undesirables. We also focus more on infrastructure too.

Winter - The slowest time of year for most gardeners, nothing is growing so we focus on mending fences, tool maintenance, clearing rubbish and keeping warm! 



Garden Life Community Garden
Buchanan Place East

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